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ABOVE unlocks media distribution for in-flight entertainment & connectivity platforms with the first-ever fully automated and secure end-to-end solution

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Media content contributes over $500M to the in-flight entertainment & connectivity ecosystem, yet there hasn’t been a seamless and holistic video processing solution, until now.

ABOVE connects airlines, its digital platforms and media owners.

Let your media take off

How it works?

Your new one-stop-shop and cloud-based media distribution platform.
Media catalogue management, storage, screening, editing, localization, metadata, transcoding, and watermarking.

Truly secure editing

ABOVE performs editing jobs across an ultra-low-latency cloud-based desktop streaming environment that eliminates security vulnerabilities without compromising on productivity.

One file, any IFE system

ABOVE uses the castLab VTK to securely perform automated encoding jobs from source mezzanine files to any standard video bitstream and container format.

Subtitles and watermarks simplified

ABOVE automates content watermarking, supporting ContentArmor’s operator and session-based forensic watermarking technology, and subtitle management.

Frictionless distribution

ABOVE gives airline customers access to your library of content, making it easy for them to select, purchase, and upload onto their IFE systems in just a few clicks.

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